Fun Facts

Why Us

Mrs Terry

I work at Nute because I love the people here. It's a small school that functions like a family and everyone is truly working together to help students succeed. It is such a privilege to see our students grow and learn that they are capable of far more than they think. It's rare to find a place where your co-workers are just as excited about that as you are. But Nute is a place like that.

Mrs Hebert

The atmosphere at Nute is welcoming, friendly. The building is filled with adults and students who are all working toward the same goal. There is always someone willing to help out with anything and everything. The words/mentality "Not my job" just aren't part of the culture here. There is so much pride in all we do here. I consider myself lucky to be part of this school.

Mrs Benjamin

I have worked here for 30 years.

Ms Currier

I work at Nute because it feels like home to me. I am proud to be the second generation in my family to graduate from Nute, and I look forward to the day when my children walk across the stage.