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                                                   INVITATION TO BID
                                           WEBSITE REDESIGN SERVICES
                                      MILTON SCHOOL DISTRICT/SAU#64

The Milton School District is soliciting proposals for the Website Redesign for the school district. Bid specifications can be obtained at the Milton School District SAU #64 Office or the SAU #64 website  Bids are due by 2:00 PM Thursday, August 23, 2018 and may be mailed or delivered to the Milton School District, SAU #64 Office, 20 School Street, Milton, NH 03851. Bids are to be sealed and clearly marked, "WEBSITE REDESIGN-SAU#64".          

E-mail, fax or other forms of the proposal will not be accepted. Proposals received after the closing date and time will not be accepted.

REJECTION/AWARD OF PROPOSALS: The School District reserves the right to accept of reject any or all proposals, to negotiate with any of all bidders, and to waive any informalities in the Request for Proposals process, and to enter into an agreement with the bidder whom the School District in its sole discretion determines is in the best interest of the School District even though the bidder may not submit the lowest bid or proposal. Bidders shall be responsible for any and all expenses that they may incur in preparing their proposals.

WITHDRAWAL OF ANY PROPOSALS is prohibited for a period of ninety (90) days after the proposal due date.

Website Redesign RFP

                                                   MILTON SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS


 August   22      Policy Subcommittee - 5:00 PM
                       School Board meeting - 6:00 PM

Meetings to be held at the Milton Town Hall.

Milton's Portion of SAU Fund Balance


The Milton Board of Education has been diligent in being cost effective in assuring budgets are well crafted and not at all frivolous. The answer is clearly in the result. This is a list of monies returned each year to lower the tax rate. These monies listed below vividly show the amount of money given back to the town each year to LOWER THE TAX RATE.  Fund Balances Returned 2009-2016

  2018-19 Bus Routes

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